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Email newsletters can be a good way to stay connected to your client base or to attempt to grow your influence among potential prospects. However, it can require a lot of effort with less than stellar returns, depending on the industry. Overall, the stats on email newsletters can be dismal and hover between an average between 1 to 5% click-through rate. Think about that.


Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey

How much time do you put into research, images, content, and edits to your email newsletter? A lot of time is invested if you do it properly. With all of that effort, the engagement is a little disappointing. What if your email newsletter came in a more engaging, interesting package with the potential for a much larger audience? This can be achieved in the form of a Facebook Messenger Chatbot on your Facebook Business Page.


A chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that simulates a conversation with people. They are often used as part of an e-commerce funnel in order to break down the exact product or service you are looking for, or as part of a help desk solution to navigate you to the proper department. You will notice them on websites asking you if they can help you and what information you might be looking for. There are times when the final step will be a conversation with a person, but not always. 

The next big marketing initiative

Marketing industry leaders have been saying that it is the next big marketing tool for the last few years and that every company should have in its marketing strategy arsenal. I have considered it in the past but have always hesitated because it was originally intended to replace human interaction in the form of ongoing Q/A dialogue. I considered it a potential rabbit hole in which at one point or another, someone would ask a question that was not anticipated, which would lead to an email that the Chatbot was created to avoid. It also seemed potentially void of human connection. Within these constraints, it didn’t seem like a viable service to me and could be riddled with potential frustrations and problems.


Then I met the creator of a Chatbot (Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey) that expressed the same frustration that I did. However, he had a different way of connecting people with the chatbot and frankly, I thought it’s genius. Not only is it genius but the engagement numbers are impressive. 


Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey

His spin on the Facebook Chat App is to use it in the same way that you would with an email newsletter. Consider it the future communication tool that may replace or supplement your monthly email newsletter. The difference is that it has more benefits. In terms of return on investment (your time and or money), it comes out ahead by a huge margin. The potential audience is much bigger and engagement rates are higher, A LOT higher. Here are some sobering stats on the differences between email newsletters and the Facebook Messenger Chatbot….

Advantages of the Facebook Messenger Chatbot

  • There are 1.3 billion active users on Facebook Messenger. The potential to reach them is much higher. I can’t say that for an email newsletter. 
  • There is 60% more engagement with the FB Chatbot, in contrast to only 1 to 5% with email newsletters.
  • Facebook Messenger is becoming the preferred choice of connecting and communication for all audiences combined.
  • You can list your Facebook Messenger Chatbot with Facebook to be found by Facebook users.  

Now think about the possibilities! An ongoing communication tool on a platform that people love, and in many cases your Chatbot message will be seen as an alert on their smartphone. What better way to connect? We have integrated our own Facebook messenger Chatbot that delivers daily motivational quotes. Give it a try and see what you think! We offer a Facebook Chatbot Messenger set up service. Click here to check it out…